His name is Cellou Dalein Diallo, leader of the opposition Union Of Democratic Forces Of GUINEA πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³ (UFDG)

In the first rounds of the Guinean elections in 2010, he scored 44% of the vote. The man who came second got 18%, and the person who came third got about 13%. The one who came third endorsed him, yet when the second round of elections took place after many demands by the person who cane second, the latter, Alpha Conde, was declared winner amidst tension and a call for total unrest from Cellou’s supporters because they believed they had been cheated. Mr. Diallo, after many consultations both nationally and internationally, conceded to Mr. Conde.

In the 2015 elections after Conde’s first term, there were also reports of widespread rigging all over the country. Tensions were high, and there were fears of a civil war. Again, following serious pressure from his supporters, some of whom accused him of been weak and scared, he decided to concede for a second time to Alpha Conde. οΏΌ

Despite all this, to this date, Alpha Conde and his supporters wants the world to believe that this is the man who wants to destroy Guinea πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³. Even if the evidence points to the contrary.

Cellou Dalein has repeatedly demonstrated to Guineans and Africans that sometimes conceding is not weakness. Moreso, it is a sign of strength and care for human life.

Any person who is willing to shed blood indiscriminately, especially that of young people who are considered to be the future of their country, as a way of showing his dominance and institute fear in the population, is a weak person in mind and spirit.

Thank you Mr. #CellouDaleinDiallo for been a great example of a politician who puts the people ahead of your personal ambitions.

No. This is not an endorsement, just a reflective thought πŸ’­


credit: Algassimu Monoma Bah

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