*6th Anniversary Successfully done*

I wish to congratulate and thank each and every member of the great Fulbe Africa family in my capacity as the President for successfully organising the biggest Fulbe event ever and one of the biggest events in The Gambia in 2018

This great achievement came as a result of the unity and team spirit amongst the members of the association. The anniversary was indeed a success also thanks to the dedication and hard work of all the members of this association.

I wish to recognize the efforts of all the various sub-committees under their heads and the efforts of our colleagues in the diaspora for their brilliant ideas and guidance.

Now that the anniversary is gone, we all have to concentrate on planning and implementing the programs and activities for 2019…

In Fulbe Africa, our main strength is our unity and there is nothing Fulbe Africa cannot do if we maintain the unity that has already existed amongst us. We are a symbol of hope for pulaagu and we must realize this at all times. Gambia and Africa is proud of us, we have set the standards for pulaagu activism and all Fulbe have bestowed their hopes in us, let’s continue to work hard to meet the expectations of our people.

*“Kawren Tabiten”*


President Ousman Sowe

*Yo Geno Wallu en*

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