Veteran Imam Baba Leigh Threatened To Expose Imams Who Impregnate Their Mates If………

In an exclusive interview with Freedom, the veteran Imam Baba Leigh Threatened to expose so-called imams who he accused of impregnating their mate. The veteran Imam was shocked and threatened with serious consequences if they don’t stop lying against him.
I stood against Jammeh. What they are saying today, they were afraid to say it during Jammeh’s rule. We know each other in this country. There are Imams, who had impregnated their mates. There are Imams, who had murdered people, and ran away from this country. There are Imams, who had been living the life of lies, cheating, and adultery. They slept with different women and that is against the dictates of the religion,” Imam Leigh added.

Imam Leigh wouldn’t name names during this interview. He warns that if the said Imams continue to provoke him, he will disclose their names.

“They know themselves. I will reveal their name if they do not stop their lies and smear campaign against me. I know this Imam, who had impregnated his mate. An Imam shouldn’t engage in infidelity. Per sharia law, adultery is prohibited. Islam says people, who engage in adultery should be executed,” said Imam Leigh.

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