Independence: President Barrow presents solution to economic independence

Independence: President Barrow presents solution to economic independence

The president led Gambians on Friday in celebrating the country’s 57th Independence Anniversary.


Some citizens have insisted there is no point in celebrating independence as the country is yet to be independent.

But President Adama in his address said the country was only struggling regarding economic independence.

PORG said: “In this era, the dilemma of African countries largely remains the attainment of economic independence in an interdependent world. Like many other nations around the world, this is one of The Gambia’s major challenges. As a result, linking it with political independence, democracy and national unity, economic independence is the key focus of my address today.

“Although it is my view that absolute economic independence is impractical, it is certain that we can reduce our heavy dependence on the outside world. The question is how can we do this meaning. 

“The solution depends hugely on how practical we are and how far we choose to go in raising our productivity and production capabilities and outputs while minimising imports and maximising exports. The imbalance between imports and exports for the country is enormous and this needs to be offset. 

“Generally, there is a great need to transform the population into a more productive resource to free ourselves from economic dependence. Among other strategies, we must invest more freely in the productive sectors, produce as much of what we consume as we need and eat more homemade products. By the same token, we need to expand and patronise local businesses while developing, encouraging and tapping local talents.”