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DTM is an American Guineo Artist-Singer-Composer-Producer who was born in 1981 in Labé, capital of Fouta Djallon. He evolved under the influence of Peulh and Afro-Manding.

Having grown up with his father fully involved in Guinean music, DTM was inspired from a young age to gather in him the essential qualities of a gifted musician.

DTM has developed from the beginning the passion and motivation from its own intellectual faculties to promote African cultural heritage in its own way.

He has been deeply influenced by different musical genres such as: folklore of the field, hip hop and reggae among others ... What makes him today a multi cultural artist with an international vision. Her albums like Let's Go to School, I'm Back (No Limit) and I'm Back bring out the real mix of tradition and modernity. His musical style is considered a fusion between Western influence and African traditions (Afro-Fusion)

DTM has always kept the freedom to compose his songs in the genre he feels inspired, which guarantees a wide and diverse audience ... DTM is also a talented videographer who expresses himself through his films ...


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