Ali Nounoun DIALLO Former President of the National Assembly:"I am afraid that Kidal will become a French territory"

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The song of the French partisans said: "A comrade falls, another spell of the shadow. That is to say, when we fight, we always prepare what you call the deserters. We say in the revolution, in all the changes, once the train is running, you have at each station people who come down because they are tired.

It's not even because they betrayed, it's because they're tired. They sit at the edge of the road. At this same station, there are some who ascend who are more determined than those who have come down. And then, there are some who never get off the train to the final station. So, until the achievement of the objectives we are aiming for. That's what we have to tell ourselves.

But, why are we talking about the Algiers Agreement instead of the Bamako Agreement? In my soul and conscience, it is not for nothing that we make this circumlocution, Agreement for peace and national reconciliation from the process of Algiers to explain to everyone that the fate of Mali now depends Algiers. Even our capital, we do not want to pronounce his name. Yet, as far as I know, the agreements bear the names of the cities where they were signed.

I do not understand why we are not talking about the Bamako Agreement. I call it the Bamako Agreement, which came out of the Ouagadougou process and was concocted in Algiers. I say concocted in Algiers, because it is there that we tied everything that will contribute to make us a dependency of Algeria or to make Kidal the new Mayotte, something that is in the Indian Ocean, but which is a French territory. I am afraid that Kidal will become a French territory. But the Algerians will not accept that.

So, the contradictions between the two powers, if we know how to exploit them, we can make sure that the Bamako Agreement, from the Ouagadougou process, never forget Ouagadougou, without Ouagadougou, there would not have been the 2013 elections; So the process started in Ouagadougou, the agreement was concocted in Algiers, but we demanded that it be signed with us. So there is no reason for it not to bear the name of the Bamako Agreement. Why are we talking about it? To explain the aims of all those who want to dismember Mali, distribute it among the great powers.

If we do not talk about the Agreement, we will not have the opportunity to explain what is being concocted on the back of Mali. So, let's talk about the Agreement so that every day, all the Malian people understand if this Agreement was applied, what would happen to us? So, rejoice that we talk about the Accord, understand the Accord and try to demystify the Agreement. When we talk about the Agreement, the big problem is politicians and women politicians. I know many Presidents of Parties. On.

Of two: the one who criticizes politicians, he himself is not a politician? So let's make sure that the politicians we are, we are every day better and stop decrying politicians. Those who do inadmissible acts, denounce them, namely; do not penalize everyone. Each of us is a politician, each of us is a politician. There is nothing that is not political in life.

Finally, the themes. But, start today even to release themes yourself, since the Coordination tells you the themes will come from the population. So, enrich the Platform Coordinating Committee today by offering them themes.

Good conference! Thank you !

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