Plundering Jigawa Forest and Grazing Reserves

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There are worries over the ongoing large scale  allocation and clearing of forest and grazing reserves of Jigawa State by individuals sanctioned by the state and local governments. Previous governors have done it but it has worsened under the Badaru administration, said a deeply concerned septuagenarian from Birniwa, who accused the northern press of suppressing the story. They refused to publish his story.

And the governor was assuring us of his support for Ruga. Has Ruga come to replace our forest and grazing reserves?

This is not restricted to Jigawa or Badaru. It is all over the North. In my state, some past governors allocated swathes of forest and grazing land to themselves and their cronies. Even the plots of Agricultural Development Projects financed by World Bank loans in the 1970s were not spared recently. What a shame!

I thought the Zamfara experience on the consequences of such land maladminstration was bad enough to instil restraint in our state governments. I was wrong.

Okay. Nobody is wrong here. Let our greed continue to create problems for future generations. It is good.

Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde

17 July 2019

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