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Mansur Ibrahim Mukhtar PhD (Professor of History YMU)

It is important to appreciate that the Emirates and their system are not products of Imperialism, colonialism,  the military or Democratic Nigeria.   They are genuine products of that Islamic revolutionary struggle and  transformation which created the Sokoto Caliphate,(containing 33 Emirates) . The foundations of the Caliphate were established 100 years before the British created colonial Nigeria. The Caliphate was nearly 1 1/2 times the size of the Nigerian State. The Emirates, Since the establishment of the Nigerian State have suffered gradual marginalization and negation by the Colonialists, the military and Democratic forces of the Nigerian ruling class. The Kano episode is a continuation of that trend. Emirates, the products of revolutionary transformations covering broad regions therefore, cannot be legislated into existence by capitalist democracies  through simple executive or legislative actions. The structures created recently, like the local Governments we operate, have no roots in the struggle that created the Sokoto Caliphate. They are therefore, not part of the glorious heritage of the Caliphate, no matter what they are called.

In this regard one may not be wrong to regard the rulers of the newly created "Emirates" as flag bearers of the Assembly or of the State Executive.

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