Let's discover the history of the locality of boni

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The Rural Municipality of haire, its historic name boni, is a crossroads of cultural exchanges and brewing between populations of the hostile lands of the Sahara, those of the flooded areas of the bourgou and those of the south composed of agricultural employees or artisans.

The legendary hospitality of its populations, the moral integrity and the charisma of its successive chefs will preach the epic stories of the fulani and tuareg chroniclers.

However, the common of malian people knows little about the sacrifices made by the leadership of this ex-Canton for the consolidation of the independence of the country, its cultural radiation and its stability. In this community, men do not judge it useful to glorify themselves for an action that should necessarily be executed. Nobility Obliges. This silence makes them today victims. His blood poured for the independence and stability of the country is ignored as his investment without calculation and without restraint for the country to find peace after the tuareg rebellions of 1963, and, recently that of 1991.

A Cut-off governance of the socio-cultural realities of the

1960, the us-Gdr party is in business. He does not minimize the strength of his sworn opponent, the PSP, who has a great audience in this part of the country. In front of the weakness of the mass media, he undertakes a wide tour of information across the country. It is in this framework that a delegation of the party led by congressman ousmane sow is coming to boni. A General Assembly is convened. The mission addresses a lot of themes related to the socialist option of the country, but the subject on which the community is that of social reform. The community is already impregnated with content and rejects it from the beginning. The meeting turns to the drama and the interpreter, congressman ousmane sow is violently assaulted. His aggressors are arrested, judged and "deported" to taoudenni, a sinister prison left by the colon on the diet. Begins for the community a series of hardship and intimidation on the part of the state party to break any sense of identity affirmation.

However, no political manoeuvre managed to overcome the common will of belonging to a specific culture and obedience to a traditional authority that we honour and respect for what was and what is.

Frustration is growing and worried

The neighboring canton of hombori (the newly created borough did not yet have an entire feature) is administered by balobo bocari. An admin lined with community chief sucks and respected. Politics has no secret for him. Hard Defender of the sudanese progressive party whose ideals are widely shared in this part of the country. It is collapsed by the prepared defeat of its party facing the us-Gdr, a paradox that will now have to be assume. The French government has its reasons why the reason ignores. As a warned administrator, he knows that it is rather better to accompany the power in place than to resist him.

Balobo bocari maïga is not grudges, against bad fortune, he is going to make good heart. Two opportunities in gold are available to him for an honorable rapprochement with power. On the one hand, the climate tense between the party in power and the leadership of boni. He could be a decisive actor in the outcome of this crisis that is on the move to negatively impact the stability of the region and the well-being of the affected populations. On the other hand, the tuareg leader marouchett ag mosa ag mohamed ag albakaye is from his saudi exile. It is installed in the djelgo, high-Volta, thanks to the contest of his brother and friend amadou hamadoun, the sovereign ardo of boni. Indeed, a part of the ardo family of boni reigns on this land. Marouchett has been received as any community leader with honor and dignity. But Marouchett is not the man who can live out of these lands. His retirement in Saudi Arabia was quite informative to him. A exile favoured by the socialist power of bamako.

Indeed, marouchett fears the ideological line of the socialist government of bamako. He who, in August 1960, by a demonstration of memorable force (more than a hundred camel, as many riders and infantry) had sworn to release without other support the president modibo keita from the hands of his jailers jailers. This first-Hour Patriot was, for a first in his life as a desert warrior, feared by fear. The fear of a regime that can be a threat to its lands, properties and power.

End Strategist, he goes to bamako to negotiate with the authorities his departure for Saudi Arabia with his family and his "allies". he obtained the moral bond of power. His stay in the holy land cannot register in the duration. The freedom of the tuareg leader cannot accommodate the austere life imposed by rigorous Islam. The Space, his cattle miss him. His ego is contrite. He's considering his return to the country. But it is no longer as rich to ensure the displacement of the beautiful world around it. A Entourage who makes his reason to be and he can't give up.

He's going to pour in the plot. He's having a secret deal with his servants. He is approaching some saudi princes who he knows slave and ready to pay expensive to satisfy their ego. A market is concluded, the princes have their "slaves" and marouchett has enough money to cover the road costs of his company.

Saudi princes don't doubt the deception. They will learn it at their expense. A few months after the departure of their chef, the now "Saudi captives" Rebel against their masters. Some escape and re-open the new malian embassy. They accuse marouchett of having sold them. Saudi authorities seized are getting involved and investigating. They do not want any cloud in their relations with Mali, known here by number of subjects of the kingdom by "Timbuktu". slaves are freed, compensated and returned to their country. Marouchett has succeeded in his move. But the malian authorities are affected by the situation which adds to the hateful climate that marks the reports between the state and the tuareg leader.

Balobo Bocari is very close to the two community leaders. They share the same geographical space and cultural and social values. He has a plan to reconcile the two crises.

It is involved in the standardization of the reports of its neighbors with the central state

First, he approaches the leadership of boni. After many interviews, finally, it comes to convince the bi ardo of boni of the need to compose with the new power. He then goes to Haute-Volta, in the province of djibo. He meets marouchett and informs him of the peace agreement that he has been able to obtain from the heirs of mamoudou n ' Douldi. Marouchett is stunned, unarmed. He cannot go against the opinion of the sovereign ardo, his support. He accepts the advice of his friend balobo and signs his allegiance to the us-Gdr. The latter reassures him because he judge rushed and inappropriate the socialist ideology. He gives two years of survival to the regime because of the already perceptible discontent and the hypocrisy that reigns in the ranks of the party. Marouchett is looking forward to it, but he wants guarantees: Bamako must give up to pursue him in the case of "slave trafficking" that he has skilfully orchestrated with the complicity of the victims; bamako must invest to restore his land and all his property Stolen or diverted by his neighbors during his saudi exile.

Balobo goes to bamako, strong of the two agreements ripped off of fierce struggle. He insists on seeing the president in person. The direction does not want to accept this favor to an ex-Chief of Canton of, PSP. Modibo Keita himself intervenes in order to simplify the formalities. He knows the stakes and a reversal of balobo bocari is an unexpected victory of his party.

The interview is about the situation at boni and the antics of marouchett, the lion of tin abou. The President is very satisfied with the steps and is looking forward to the results obtained. It promises to be grateful for the services made to the nation.

As a reward for his commitment to the homeland, balobo bocari has a very casual idea. He doesn't cadging a favor, he defends it. Administrative Cutting and the new administrative organization suppress the cantons and the authority that arose from it. Balobo sees a danger to social cohesion and the stability of the new Republic. Without putting into question this political orientation, he is worried about his canton. He convinces the president on the specific case of the canton of hombori.

"I repel any democracy that claims to give back to the number the authority that belongs to merit" G. Ford

The discretionary power of the president is put into a wank. Balobo Bocari, EX-Chief of Canton is confirmed chief of borough and in exceptional title he is appointed in this function to serve exclusively in hombori. Only death will be able to deny this responsibility.

A compromise whose morality should inspire the governance. Peace is priceless. After many setbacks, the us-Gdr will improve its coat of arms in the circle of douentza and break away from the rumors of atheist and communisant party. The Haute-Volta that sits on the council of the agreement, a regional organization that has a diehard aversion to the socialist system follows closely the evolution of the socio-political situation in this region. Ouagadougou could seek to take advantage of any harmful situation at its borders. Haute-Volta always sulking the route of its border with mali and makes it known in the chancelleries.

This threat of Maurice Yaméogo is now far behind us. The party is now confident of its political line. The levelling of the two crises of the circle of douentza reassures. But is this concession of the regime a matter of compromise or compromise? Wasn't reading different according to that we are located in bamako or the regions of the east or north of Mali? Was the central government in front of the type of citizen according to the regions? Had the colonial period had on citizens the same effects on the whole free territory?

The Socialist regime should first find an answer to these questions to assert themselves and hold.

Source: Modibo Coulibaly, former under prefect of boni

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