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An attack was perpetrated in the locality of sabanou dogon in the rural municipality of sangha of the region of mopti this Sunday, June 09, 2019. Several sources speak of more than four twenty fifteen (95) people killed, of the bodies Charred. Andal pulaaku mali condemns with the last rigour this criminal attack on civil and innocent populations.

Andal Pulaaku presents his condolences to the families concerned and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured.

Insecurity and large-scale massacres exploited by terrorist groups are the germs of a total and sustainable destabilization of the said region. The absence of the authority of the state and impunity fuel the cycle of violence that has been installed there for years. Andal pulaaku mali calls for all the vivid forces of mali to stand against the forces of evil. She urges the government of mali to take urgent measures to ensure the safety of civilians and their property and to proceed without delay to disarmament, demobilization and collection of weapons in the hands of all militias without exception.

Andal pulaaku mali calls on the government of mali to grant the necessary means to justice to allow it to fight effectively against impunity.

She asks the security council to give the minusma the resources to ensure the protection of civilians in the center of mali trapped in the trap of terrorist groups and armed militia.

Amadou Dicko President andal pulaaku mali

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