Reflection on the situation of Muslims and the lunar crescent.

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Far from wanting to identify this moon debate to a geopolitical or geostrategic debate that would only interest pro and anti Iranian or Saudi. This debate is not a debate in Persian and Arabic that are only for their own purely national interests that are not necessarily Islamic.

Sheikh Sherif Mballo

This debate has been purely doctrinal between Muslim legal schools recurring and this, for centuries unfortunately.

Among the 31 countries with Muslim majority listed, there is no

That 10 Muslim countries that celebrated the korité, on Tuesday 04 June with Saudi Arabia and the 21 remaining countries, celebrated it, on Wednesday 5 June on a total of 31. Unfortunately.

While everyone is based on his own reading of Sharia (supporters of (Oufouqi of the same geographical area and supporters of qoutri from the same geographical area) or on the pure astronaumie to determine the date of the korité.

What is not at all just for the followers of a religion so organized and structured that is Islam.

In the past, there has never been a contradiction between science and belief. Muslim scientists have brought their contest to human civilization without ever facing "ideological" obstacles. So it was precursors in many scientific fields, such as the algebra algebra, the chemistry chemistry, which djaber ibn hayan was recognized worldwide as the father of the famous Arab Alchemy, well before the cavendish in 1766, Ramsay and Cleve in 1895 Priestley and scheele in 1774.

The 19. Elements of the chemistry discovered so far have been by him (Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, silicon m, magnesium...). It is not just as we learn in chemistry books, that lavoisier is the Founder of this science, because no science has appeared suddenly. If the important discoveries and the laboratories of Muslims had not existed lille years before, lavoisier could never have made a single step forward.

Djaber had said that :"all the elements relate to a single element that is that of electricity and fey, which is found to be hidden in the smallest particle of the matter".

He's not fair

We Muslims, we were among the first promoters of the experimental scientific method, but also one of the first physicists theorists to use mathematics, founders in the areas of physiological optics and Geometric Optics (Alhazen Oxu Al Hacen) bn bn ạlhy̰tẖm

From the algorithmic that comes from the name of a great Muslim mathematician of the 9th century (Ạlkẖwạrzmy) that we find today

In many applications such as image processing, text processing, Bio-computer etc. The watch is created by Muslims.

The reason was that the Muslim religion has always encouraged the Ummah to get out of ignorance to enjoy the pleasure of learning.

This said, the diversity of fields and schools should be a sign of maturity and wealth. And despite this glorious past, there are endogenous forces carpet in the shadow, under the guise of Islam animated by a single demonic goal that is to destroy Islam by Islam and to linger its process of religious, scientific, cultural development And social of Muslims.

So, far from opposing one to the other originally Islamic school.

As Mr. M said so well. The President-servant, this framework has as a goal among others to carry out soothed exchanges between its components, but, it must not refuse or avoid either that there are times discussions and debates doctrinal or doctrinaire well-dosed between scientists and Intellectuals of different trends to bring solutions adapted to the reported and the requirements that call beyond Senegal, the world in time and space, Muslim, because it is full in its bosom the competent intellectual luminaries in this matter. This is the contradiction that out the truth.

The message of Islam that gives birth to great scientists scientists or philosophers or scientists, has not changed. It is our duty to break the artificial yokes of all kinds trained in any room, to make the religious texts more conform to the contexts.

We Muslims of today, have science instruments much more abundant than our predecessors. It is enough for proven knowledge and an intellectual courage to create this shot, this awakening, this reform to succeed has a true renaissance.

It's not the end of the story yet. Islam continues to address the human being, in the deepest of its conscience. This conscience that, in the search for happiness, will always make the difference between good and evil, true and false.

Sheikh cherif mballo

Good morning to all. Amino.

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