Buhari Doesn’t Favour Fulanis Above Other Nigerians – Tony Momoh

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Lagos – Prince Tony Momoh, a former Minister of Information on Tuesday said it is erroneous for some Nigerians to claim that President Muhammadu Buhari favours the Fulani ethnic stock above other Nigerians.

Speaking with Daily Independent, he also said it is wrong for some people to believe the President condones and has refused to take decisive actions against the activities of killer herdsmen because they are mostly Fulanis.

“Instead of looking at issues and addressing it, we ethnicise it. Yesterday, they said Fulani kidnappers were arrested in the South-West only to discover that all of them bore Yoruba names. If the four of them said to be Fulani bore Yoruba names, when did Fulanis have change of names?”

“Buhari will tackle anything evil, whether it is Fulani, Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo. Nonody should think that Buhari is easily moved by sentiments. He looks at issues in the face and tackles them. He has always been like that and he won’t change now”.

“He doesn’t give preference to Fulanis. How many times has he ever attended elders meeting in Kaduna? He is always talking about Nigeria always. He will concede anything but he will never concede the break-up of Nigeria” he said.

Prince Tony Momoh

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