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In a 2002 at a U.S. Senate Intelligence hearing the then head of the CIA told the Senate panel that in order for the US to effectively accomplish the invasion of Muslim countries and carry out ‘the war on terror’ that they would have to ‘get in bed with some very unsavory characters’. 

by Shaykh Muhammad Shareef bin Farid

Most observers assume that the CIA Director was referring to the heroin producers and drug lords that the US military have been working closely with in northern Afghanistan. While some assumed that he was referring to the criminal and despotic elements among Iraqi dissidents who collaborated with the US. 

However, some of these ‘unsavory characters’ referred to in the Senate hearing are confirmed Satanist within the US military intelligence deployed particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war arenas in the Muslim world in order to introduce psyops and ‘mindwar’ activities in the field. 

The purpose is to demoralize the Muslim people into thinking that they have no recourse except to surrender to the direction which the US/Israeli led incursion has determined for them. The objective is to convince the Muslims that they can neither take recourse in armed resistance, but more importantly, they can take no psychic or spiritual sanctuary in their ‘deity’ nor in the sanctity of the ‘sages’ and awliyya buried in their lands. 

It is the later objective which the Satanists inside the US military intelligence have targeted particularly in the systematic bombing and desecration of the graves and sacred sites, particularly in cities such as Baghdad, Mosul, Manbiji, Hebron etc. The systemic raping of young pubescent children in Iraq; the ritual abuse of Muslim inmates in Abu Ghurayb; the raping of young Arab boys in front of their mothers, and the indiscriminate killing of Iraqi citizens are all the hallmarks of those who have given the oath of allegiance to Iblees and who thrive on mayhem, suicide, mass murder, violent sexual abuse coupled with lies and disinformation. 

These awliyya of Shaytaan are not concerned with whether thousands of their own troops are killed, maimed, or suffer from incurable psychological problems, as it is the case with the majority of American veterans of. In fact, the Satanist relish the fact that death, despair and hopelessness have swamped both sides of the conflict. This anarchy is the desired outcome in addition to the incalculable profits to be gained by those who deployed them. 

Like the awliyya of Allah are arrayed in ranks in a circle (daa’ira) of virtuous men and women who maintain the Balance of truth, justice and good; the awliyya of Iblees are also ranged in ranks and have a hierarchy which is diametrically opposed to the inward political sovereignty of the awliyya of Allah. 

At the highest levels these human devils have made their ‘temples’ in the Air Force Strategic Air Command, the Defense Intelligence College, the JFK Special Warfare Center, the Stanford Research Institute etc concerned with psychological operations, disinformation, information warfare and cyber-warfare, through the use of satellite communications, electronic media-television, radio and internet to “deny the enemy propaganda access to our people.” 

The passing of Senate Resolution S. 1959: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terror Prevention Act of 2007; as well as the recent passing of the new surveillance bill are some of the new weapons to be used by these ‘human devils’ against Muslims in the US as well as those fighting the resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At another level collaborators among the ‘salafist’ ‘sufic’ ‘ikhwani’ ‘tableeghi’ communities and ‘shaykhs’ have been deployed by the National Security Agency to inform and advise the US government on how to undermine any military resistance on the part of Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas in south eastern Europe which the US has targeted due to its rich petroleum and natural gas deposits. 

Institutions such as the Nixon Center which is concerned with Chinese Studies, Immigration and National Security issues as well as strategic studies in the Persian Gulf and Caspian Basin in 2003 hosted a symposium designed to introduce US policy makers and the policy community to what it described as ‘Cultural Islam’ or ‘sufism’; and how its potential role can be deployed in US policy. 

Professors and academics such as Prof. Bernard Lewis, Dr. T.J. Gianotti, Dr. Zeki Saritoprak, Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi, Dr. A. Goldlas, Dr. M. Faghfoory, Dr. C. Fairbanks, Alex Alexiev, and Shaykh M. H. Kabbani all gave suggestions on how to depoliticize Islam and on the need to marginalize the Wahhabi influence on the Muslim world as if the people of the Path of tasawwuf were never leaders in the Path of Jihaad and in the establishment of Islamic sovereignty in the world. 

Just as the French government created fictitious branches of the Tijaniyya sufi order with the purpose of undermining the sufic resistance to French rule in North and Western Africa, today, the US is working with academics and ‘sufis’ to create a ‘sufism’ designed to spread pax-Americana throughout the Muslim world. 

As the Shehu said in his Siraaj’l-Ikhwaan: 

“Apart of Allah's wisdom is that He has placed this clear warning upon the tongue of human beings from among the Prophets during the first times and the people of the reminder during the latter times.  He has made for every guide from among them enemies from among the guilty (mujrimeen). They are the devils among men and jinn who deceptively advise one another with embellished teachings.  

Thus, it becomes necessary for there to exist a clear light by which the truthfulness of the guides can be distinguished from the lies of the devils.  Therefore, Allah made that light for the Prophets in the form of miracles which break creational norms and for the people of the reminder in the form of righteous deeds… 

Among the clearest signs of the evil scholars is that they do not bring about remedy nor do they leave alone those who seek to remedy.  Their likeness is like a big rock which sits at the mouth of a river.  It does not drink from the river nor does it allow others to drink.  Each of these evil scholars are more dangerous to the people than one thousand devils.  There is no news like eye witnessing.”

At a lower level, regardless of the financial benefits the US military offers new recruits, increasingly enlistment and recruitment is at an all new low. As a result the military is forced to lower its standards and open its doors to known felons, criminals, drug addicts, known gang members, neo-Nazis and other misfits seeking a means for upward mobility in the US. The result of this has been a horrendous increase in indiscriminate killings of Iraqi and Afghani civilians and non-combatants by men and women lacking the necessary discernment of disciplined well trained soldiers. 

Among the casualties of such a policy has been pubescent Iraqi girls raped, murdered and their entire families killed and burned; and other bizarre crimes committed against what these enlisted thugs call Hajjis.

At the lowest level are those Satanists in the US military who are avowed hedonists and sadists deployed on the ground for the purposes of ritualistic torture, violent sexual abuse, and in certain cases ritualistic human sacrifice; and have been deployed both in Iraq as well as in the innumerous secret prisons around the world, established to ‘soften up’ suspected terrorists or insurgence and to break their morale. 

Even when no actionable intelligence is gathered these demoralized captives when released will inadvertently tell of the hopelessness and despair which some even described as being ‘worse than Hell itself’. 

This disinformation is designed to further break the morale of the enemy and to make them lose hope in ever winning the resistance against the US. As one avowed Satanist in the US military intelligence said that the entire objective of the systemic torture is: “the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war at all cost.” 

The inestimable psychological affect which the US has obtained from the release of suspected Muslim terrorist once hailed and tortured in Guantanamo Bay and else where, and sent back home has been a windfall for ‘the mind-war’ undertaken by the Satanist in the US military.

 Suspected terrorists have been sent back to Sudan, the UK, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere, and the common thread with all of them is that they have been ‘broken’. Similar to the ‘breaking’ of the will of African Muslims in the ‘slave making process’ of Antebellum America, the message sent out throughout the Muslim world is that ‘you will not win’. 

When a thirty year old Sudanese journalist for al-Jazeera who had been kidnapped and tortured for more than 5 years in Guantanamo returned home looking as if he were in his early sixties was a chilling message to the Muslim world that the US has deployed every satanic, immoral and demoralizing means to warn the world that resistance is futile, especially in Baghdad the so-called center of the awliyya and sages of the Muslim world.

It is precisely under this cloak of futility that the People of Allah ta`ala enter the battle field. There is no doubt that the Muslim world is in a state of War and there is no individual more equipped to conduct the Art of War than perfected human beings (insaan kaamil). They are what one US Naval Intelligence Officer called ‘Super Empowered Individuals’. 

However far from the ‘Frankenstein’ asymmetrical stateless ‘muslim’ terrorist which the US Department of Defense created in the mid 80s which has since morphed into a Langley contrived group called ‘al-Qaeda’/ISIS/boko haram –Super Empowered Individuals are FRIENDS of Allah. 

They are the simple Muslim servant of Allah, who is neither media savy, nor eloquent. They do not have the spot light shining on them, nor do their names ever reach any news headlines. They neither have a website, nor or their names etched on the covers of books, CDs or DVDs. 

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant his peace best described them when he said: 

“The spiritual supports of my Umma are a cadre from Yemen; forty sages from the Abdaal of Syria, and eighteen from Iraq. Each time one of them dies Allah substitutes a man in his place. However, they do not attain that station by abundant prayers, or fasting, but due to the generosity of their souls, the peacefulness of their hearts, and giving sincere advice to the Muslims.” 

They not only inhabit Yemen, Iraq and Syria, but hey can be found in the deserts of the Sahara; along the White and Blue Niles; along the banks of the Djoliba in West Africa; along the Ganges; in the Himilayas; wherever the poor and oppressed Muslims reside.

In another narration he, may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: 

“The Abdaal are forty men and forty women, each time a man dies from among them Allah substitutes in their place another man; and each time a woman dies from among them Allah substitutes in their place another woman.” 

In another narration, he may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: “By means of them you receive rainfall from Allah, you attain victory over your enemies from Allah and catastrophes and flooding is diverted from the people of the earth by Allah.” 

Based upon the above prophetic traditions the real Mujaahid is the one whose simplicity, minimalism and helpfulness causes the heavens and earth to follow his commands. It is his/her state of humility and helplessness which is their greatest strength. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace once said: “Allah’s anger is greatest against the one who oppresses someone who has no other helper besides Him.”

O Allah make us among those who have no helper besides You and who require no helper besides You. Make us among Your Intimate Friends and Close Acquaintances. Be our sight by which we see; the hearing by which we hear, the tongue by which we speak, the hand by which we grasp, and the feet by which we walk. When we ask of You, give us; and when we seek refuge with You, give us refuge. There is no deity except You and You have power over all things.

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