Sekou Amadou, the fula emperor of the macina

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After the Empire Empire of Ghana (from the 3TH TO THE 8th century), the Empire Empire of Mali (from the 13th to the 15th century) and the Empire Empire (from 15th to 16th) Th century), born the fula empire of the macina.

Birth of the empire

Sekou Amadou, founder of the empire, is from the clan of the Barry (Muslim Fulani) while the ardos, fulani animists from the current Senegal, live in the Niger Delta of Niger since the 14th century and obey since 1670 To the king of segou.

In 1818, Sekou Amadou defeated the allied ardos to the army of ségou. Chasing His Jihad (Holy War), he conquers, after 9 months of siege, djenne where he had studied the Qur ' an. He then founds the empire of the macina with for capital hamdallaye (which means "praise to God").

Great reformer

Sekou Amadou is reorganizing the society company. It imposes the settling on its nomadic subjects, which allows, in addition to the breeding, to develop agriculture. It develops trade by by throughout the territory the units of measurement of fabrics, grains and liquids. Justice, founded on the Qur ' an, is ruthless. A mandatory military service is created; every child enters the Quranic school as soon as the age of 7

The richness power of the macina is growing fast. The Capital, hamdallaye, is founded from 1819 to 1821 to 32 km from mopti. It counts, at its peak, 60 neighborhoods and 750 Quranic schools for 300.000 inhabitants. We still find the ruins of the palace of Sekou Amadou: the fulani make it a pilgrimage every year. In A Mausoleum (Photo) are buried sekou amadou, his son amadou sekou, his lieutenant alpha nouhoum tahirou and his slave wélaré.

The end of the empire of the macina corresponds to the extension of the last great empire of West Africa: THE ISLAMIC TOUCOULEUR EMPIRE OF EL-hadj oumar tall.

By Maître Cheick Oumar Konaré

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