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On March 29, 2016, a so-called 'salafist' wrote a post condemning me and one of my students for utilizing the vocative particle YAA when addressing the Prophet in our poetry. This rank amateur misquoted verses and prophetic traditions in order to accuse us of promoting shirk. 

The following poem was my response to him, utilizing a single prophetic tradition related by Qadi Iyad ibn Musa in his famous as-Shifa Bi Ta`reef Huquuq al-Mustafa on the authority of Uthman ibn Hunayf al-Basri. Ilgive my sanad for this prophetic tradition back to the Prophet through the chain of our Africa Muslim ancestors.


In the name of the All Seeing of all things known & seen

Peace & blessings upon the Seal of the Nabiyyeen

If you have not noticed with your eyes O Abu Ibrahim

One not so well learned as you would like it to seem

This forum is only for posting your poetry and rhyme

Not for your khariji polemics or wasting people’s time

You could have easily given your unwanted sad advice

In the form of a poem that would have at least been nice

But you made the mistake and entered into our digital hood

Misreading and misquoting what you thought you understood

You attempted in your blind folly, to pull off a digital drive by

Hoping to make a online kill here & a kill there, and then fly

But your cyber weapon had no bullets nor any gun powder

And your get away car lacked RAM speed and power

So now you are stuck here on the zawiyya of SIIASI

About to get stomped and owned online by all to see

You should’ve asked your slave masters there in Riyadh

About me, they would have warned you: Don't take that ride!

But ignorantly you came in Dan Fodio’s digital hood anyway

Now you about to regret this day with remorse & much dismay

Didn't your moma warn you not to pull the tiger’s whiskers?!

Now you’re going to be digitally crucified like all khariji busters!

You came to the battlefield quoting some ‘recommended scholar’

Who probably is nothing but a paid vassal of the petro-dollar

First, youngsta it was the great Imam at-Thawri, who said

Isnaad is a weapon, so you don't talk from the top of your head

Ibn al-Mubarak warned ignoramuses like you without cares

Seeking `ilm without isnaad is like climbing a roof without stairs

So repent, listen and learn or just read it ignore it and burn

It is not on me to make you drink, my job is to deliver the urn

Unlike you who gave up a white slave master for an Arab one

I take knowledge from my Muslim ancestors  slaves of the One

From my teacher a Fulani jurist, the khateeb Muhammad al-Amin

From his father, Adam Kariangha who feared Allah in the Unseen

From his teacher, the muhaajir with his deen, Shaykh Musa Ma`lami

From his teacher, the gnostic Imam Ali Dinbu ibn Abu Bakr Ma`lami

From the light of the age, the Imam of the Awliyya – Shehu Uthman

Who revived the Sunna and Deen of Allah in the entire Bilad’s-Sudan

From his uncle the learned Qutb Muhammad ibn ar-Raj al-Fulaati

From the Indian master traditionist of Medina Abu’l-Hassan as-Sindi

From his teacher the renown and superb Muhammad al-Hayyati

From his teacher, the sublime jurist Abdullah ibn Saalim al-Basri

From his teacher Muhammad ibn `Ala’d-Deen known as al-Balbili

From his teacher the jurist Saalim ibn Muhammad known as al-Qayti

From a REAL shaykh of Islam, not yours who died as a mujassami

But the Shaykh al-Islam, the spiritual master Zakariyya al-Ansaari

From his teacher az-Zayn Ibn Muhammad famous as ar-Ridwaan

From his teacher Ibrahim at-Tanuukhi the one known as al-Burhaan

From his teacher Abu’l-Abbas Ahmad al-Hujaar the son of Abu Talib

From his teacher Abd’l-Lateef ibn Muhammad also known as Abu Talib

From his teacher Taahir ibn Muhammad ibn Taahir from Maqddasi

From his teacher Abu Muhammad Abd’r-Rahman ibn Ahmad ad-Dawni

From his teacher the learned Judge Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Kasaari

From his teacher the learned traditionist Ahmad ibn Ishaq ad-Daynuuri

On the authority of the author of the Sunnan as-Sughra, Imam an-Nisaai

In an absolutely sound prophetic narration on Uthman ibn Hunayf al-Basri

Who said  “Once an unknown man came to the master of all mankind

And said: O Messenger of Allah, make supplication for me, for I am blind

Ask Allah to lift the veil from my eyes and to return to me my sight

He said to the old blind man in order to increase his faith with insight

Rise and go away from us, make ablution and pray two sincere rak`ats

With sincerity of intention and absolute resolve having prayed the rak`ats

Say: O Allah I beg and ask You, and I direct my soul entirely to You

By means of Your prophet Muhammad, Nabi’r-Rahma, I beseech You

O Muhammad! by means of you I direct myself to your Lord – Allah

That He will remove the thick veil from my sightless sight – O Allah 

Let Muhammad intercede for me with You!” Ibn Hunayf then narrated

That the old blind man came back seeing clearly and totally elated!

O Abu Ibrahim, one so blind to inner vision with no clear sound insight

With one sound prophetic tradition and one sanad I exposed your blight

And exposed the darkness of your heretical innovation to Allah’s light

If He wills you will be guided to the Straight Path by His generous might

By the rank of all those cited in this isnaad that is good, sound and right

By the truth of the tradition itself which contains profound secrets and light

And by the secret of the supplication in it which returned the man’s sight

Which is pure tawassul as clear and sound, clear as day is from night

So wake up, Abu Ibrahim from your slumber, deep sleep and endless blight

Never come again to this digital sufi zawiyya seeking an online fight

Unless you come prepared with clear evidence and proofs that are tight!

Here I end my poem with salaat on Muhammad and praise of Allah’s might

On the evidence of how a blind man made tawassul with him & his light

Was ordered to say: “Yaa Muhammad” and how Allah returned his sight

By Hei Xaunfeng

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