Ahmed Barry Foundation is an NGO

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Ahmed Barry foundation is an NGO and part of its aims and objectives are to make sure that all children in the villages attend school, Bringing peace between cattle herdsmen and crop farmers, educating both crop farmers and cattle herdsmen about early child marriage and so the CEO of the Foundation Ahmed Barry well known as Original Fulani and some of its members are embarking on a nation wide tour to foresee this projects go on as its part of the NGO aims and objectives , according to the CEO Ahmed Barry this time around during this fasting they are embarking on a educational tour and also about the new Ghana card known as ECOWAS CARD , the importance of the card, who is qualified to own or get the card as a Ghanaian, the requirement and proceedings especially to the crop farmers and the cattle herdsmen since most of them leave in remote areas, and to encourage each and everyone of them to get registered.

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