Synergy is an action packed love story believed to be a Modern-African interpretation of the Bonnie and Clyde story.

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The film I produced before Synergy is "Shadow of Justice" another action packed short film with nominations in Finland, Spain, USA and Nigeria

This is the film thrillerIt has already been nominated in India and Las Vegas

Tough Bone aka Director Tough (real name - Odiboh Jeddy), is a Director, Writer, Actor, Set Designer and Stunt Coordinator. Director Tough is the founder and the CEO of "Tough Unlimited" (a film production company), and "Tough and Healthy" (a martial arts / stunt academy). He is an Award winning Film maker and a Wushu Kung-fu champion, hence his love for action films. Tough hails from the ancient city of Benin in Edo state, Nigeria. He also loves to dance, travel, paint and cook. He grew up with two older brothers and a younger brother. Growing up without a sister in his African home ensures he has to learn how to cook, clean, do laundry and go grocery shopping. So it's right to call Tough every woman's dream, or as we call it in Nigeria, Husband material.

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  This is the film thriller

By Viper X

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