The Historical links between fulanis and malinke

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To talk about this link, you have to go back history until 1735, there was a king animist who would the wassoloun of the name of sory condé sidibé hostile to the Muslim practices that the maninkamori were doing in the kankan area. So he made the decision to finish with the maninkamori since him, he has been animist.

So he attacked kankan and the whole gbatè. The populations of these locations were forced to head to the foutah timbo for two reasons:

- first the foutah was a vast and islamized area and as in their opinion, any friendship based on the Muslim novel can - be eternal.

These populations have turned to the foutah to find protection. At the head of the convoy that left kankan were alpha kabinet kaba and karamo kefin kaba. Arrived at Timbo, they split up. Karamo Kefin made the decision to go to fougoumba in dalaba ditinn which was the constitutional court of the theocratic foutah while bodie was the headquarters of the ministry of justice of the foutah at the same time the court.

They lived for 7 years at the foutah. They have made prayers for peace come back to kankan, to they come back to restore kankan. It was the 3th time that kankan was destroyed by the animists. On the eve of their departure, Alpha Kabinet came to find the kalif of the foutah almamy sory mawdho to thank him for his hospitality.

He requested that the kalif give him verses to ask God to facilitate his task since he wants to go back to the lands of his ancestors. The Kalif gave him 7 verses, if you ask for something to God, he will be granted to you. But just after his release, one of the protected of the kalif told him, if he pray with the 7 verses, the foutah risk of move in kankan.

The Kalif has therefore removed the 7th verse from its knowledge. There were only 6 verses left. Alpha Kabinet went to do his struggle for 40 days. After he came back to thank the kalif for his sincerity, from the veracité of the verses he gave him since what he had seen during his 40 days of retirement, showed him that kankan will remain long a big city and will have high Frames When you and I will no longer be in this world.

Alpha Kabinet will tell him as a reward, I will surnommerai the center of kankan, Timbo.

Photo of the kalif of the fouta on horseback in compagni of his ministers and his brothers malinke of kankan

By  Mamadou Samba Barry

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