The reminder is necessary. Repetition is educational. Re: Guinea ("of sékou touré").

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" excerpts and analysis of the speeches of shame against the fulani of guinea, pronounced on 6, 21 and 27 August 1976

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Introduction Introduction introduction

• 41 years ago, on 6, 21 and 27 August 1976, Sékou Touré Made 3 speeches that he would like "the particular situation of the foutah".

• The following is a summary analysis of the speeches that are the culmination of the crimes committed by the CEO of which we have given a preview during the last 9 months on radio ganda.

• Speeches are stodgy and typical of the CEO's propaganda. However, even in the abundant talkfest of sékou touré, they are an eloquent testimony of the political bankruptcy of the CEO and the requires to out his legacy from our country.

• for the people community of guinea, it is essential to keep the memory on these speeches as well as the repression that precede them and the accompanied.

• This is all the more necessary than the current regime of Mr. Alpha Condé, famous and is sékou touré who - in an overdose of hatred, osa them in public.

• the allegiance to the fascists of the CEO asks not only a constant mobilization of our community: to trial the criminal history of the CEO and fight the hypocritical propaganda of national reconciliation.

• "reconciliation" is neither necessary nor useful for guinea. The fight must be placed on the effective rehabilitation of innocent victims by a non-call condemnation of false history and an official recognition of the crimes committed by the past regimes.

• in such a process, the speeches against the fulani are essential pieces of conviction.

• It is illusory to wait for a magnanimity of the guinean leader.

• It is our responsibility to continue to correct the lies of the CEO and to teach the true story to our activists, parents and fellow citizens.

Historical reach of speeches

Despite their irrational character and the reasons that explain them, the anti-Fulani speeches of sékou touré have a deep historical litter as they allowed to reveal its true nature.

• they contradict and ruin forever the propaganda of sékou touré - revolution, nation, unity and African emancipation.

• They are anti-scientists because the notion of race does not hold especially when we talk about an African ethnic group.

• Their historical postulates are false and show the ignorance that sékou touré had managed to hide by his verbal where.

• the lies that roam the speeches show a total ignorance of the history of national interactions and hegemonic struggles in West Africa, even of short history.

• The motivations that animate sékou touré are beyond political antagonism. They reveal a bad intrinsic faith of man and a spirit gnawed by maladives phobias. They are based on psychological complexes that, nor the function of the first president of the country, nor the cheers of the ignorant Africa of its nature, had ultimately been able to sift.

• If these speeches are not taught and explained in a continuous way, all these meanings are going to be lost.

• The Word "special situation of the foutah" makes and indexes the region and its inhabitants.

• He wants an understatement to minimize the attacks of sékou touré against the fulani.

• Verbal attacks were made for a month by 3 speech. The ins of ethnic "reconciliation" say that the malinke were also attacked during the famous speech of conté during the account regulations with diarra and his click. This is the ideology on which, the rpg rpg of the malinke.

The "particular situation of the foutah"

• Comparing The 2 campaigns is of false equivalence that dilute what the fulani continue to suffer in guinea.

• The comparison wants to hide the allegiance to the fascists of the RPG CEO, but it allows to justify discrimination towards the fulani.

Extracts and analyses

Extract #1: the foutah was a region of debauchery, alcoholics and thieves before the arrival of the CEO

"... indeed, it is known that at the birth of the democratic party of guinea, the foutah was threatened, tragically threatened by many social travers. We had visited this guinean province from long to large and we saw that alcoholism was threatening, truly the population of the foutah, including the marabouts that filled their beer or wine kettles. Let's not talk about young people and even less intellectuals: consuming alcohol had become then, the criterion of evolution at the time. This is the democratic party of guinea that has ended this evil, who denounced it without mercy. It is also the democratic party of guinea that, without getting to destroy it, has attenuated a lot, the debauchery in the foutah. This is the democratic party of guinea that denounced the flight became then common thing. In Conakry, at that time, when ten thieves were in front of a commissioner or in front of the court, we had at least 8 Nationals of the average guinea. It's a fact lived and you can consult the statistics of the convicts for flight. You have to save the thief, the prostitute, the alcoholic, the navétane: it is a becoming that will be assumed ". the " particular situation of the foutah " therefore poses duties to the revolution..... "

Comment #1:

On the lie of debauchery at the fouta-djallon

• The hospital is laughing at charity!

• We know that it is with the control of the CEO that prostitution and political debauchery were introduced to the foutah and all over the country.

• Young girls barely puberty were recruited in the services protocols of force, against the will of their parents, for the pleasure of the party's dignitaries.

• Women are encouraged to prostitution to feed their family and denounce their husbands if they dare to violate.

• Sékou delivers to a falsification of the us and customs of the community community where we know that alcoholism and prostitution were severely punished

• Sékou Touré uses the usual amalgam. He was pranking jokes between "Sanakou" in weapons. It is indeed common to the foutah that someone tells his "Sanakou" that his kettle is filled with alcohol instead of water.

Extract #2: " as [the Fulani] do not like respect, we will present them what they love, the brutal force! " " "

We therefore say that all the regions of the medium-Guinea must now live the atmosphere of the popular and Democratic Revolution. In addition to the strength of our arguments that the honest activists of the middle-Guinea share, we will use the brutal force against those who have eyes not to see and ears not to hear. They will know that we have never been afraid of them, that we respect them, but that, as they do not like respect, we will present them what they love, the brutal force!

Since it is the racism that is used to put the country at the disposal of Neo-Colonialist imperialism, we have to do everything to uproot it. We don't pray anyone anymore, we impose ourselves; this is clear! Those who believe that the Ceos of the CEO are afraid, have not understood anything about history. The real fear that embraces us, the fear we have everywhere, is the fear of being afraid! And that's why, the adversity of racists, we are looking for it now! We want, everywhere, to cross the iron with them!....

Comment #2:

• This passage is a lot of the thug that was sékou touré

• The tradition and customs of the foutah are based on respect. In the pulaaku, the fulani say that when someone respects you, he defeated you.

• The passage is a psychopath and an incantation against the fear of being afraid! In reality, sékou was a coward who masked his fear. In addition, he knew that the honor of leading the nation was a sham due to the help of cornut-kind his lover.

• Where these public threats and bravado are. We know how he reacted on November 22, 1970.

• This form of paranoia and fear is very dangerous. She fed her imaginary phobias and her penchant for preventive repression with fictional conspiracies.

Extract #3: should we continue to grant them scholarships?

Since in several families, the country has awarded scholarships to 1, 2, 3, or even 4 of their children who, at the end of the studies, have betrayed the nation to take refuge elsewhere and fight the Guinean regime. Should we continue to grant them scholarships?

Unanimous response of assistance: No!

So, we proclaim without detour: racism = racism, and to illustrate it, we remind you of this african proverb that says, "when you dance with a blind man, once in a while, let him know that he will know that he is not alone" !

So we reaffirm our position that in guinea, and, until the end of the university, all comrades are at equality: Peulhs, sousous, Malinke, guerzés, kissiens, Tomas, bassari, koniaguis, etc... however, for the Outside, it will no longer be awarded scholarships to the peulhs as long as those stayed outside will not have joined the homeland.

(enthusiastic and extended applause of assistance)

Comrades, we thank you for this enthusiastic and unanimous approval that translates " the awareness of our people in the face of those who want to destroy his diet. Indeed, we are not going to continue to multiply the means in the hands of the enemy of guinea ".

Comment #3:

• The collective guilt of an ethnic group and collective punishment.

• This is a brazen blackmail of the forced return of exiled students, in the paradise of "dignity and poverty" of the CEO.

• Almost all foreign students refused to return to guinea after the repression of 1961.

• but sékou indexes fulani students, and decrees an intellectual pogrom and the exclusion of the entire ethnic group.

Extract #4: if today, guinea cannot be heard with the côte d ' Ivoire, nor with Senegal, the main responsibility is the responsibility..[to the] alone, frames peulhs

It is these traitors who always mislead other peoples, the peoples of Africa, the European peoples, the American peoples when it comes to enjoying the guinean situation. They do more harm to guinea than imperialism and neocolonialism, because asking for guinea, they give a semblance of authenticity to their blatant lies. They are traitors to their homeland, nothing else.

But let's tell us the truth. The betrayal must be out and banned definitively from the behavior of the peulh. Finally we have to save this part of guinea, because it is a background problem. The evil that these traitors are doing is deep. If today, guinea can't be heard with the Ivory Coast, nor with Senegal, the main responsibility is truly the responsibility of who? To them alone, frames frames! 1 but be sure that when the ivorian peulh (sic! ), the senegalese peulh will to freedom, they will crush and lead to their tombs all the racist executives who live in abidjan or dakar! Be sure!

They are also the ones who always mislead the French, American, German governments. All governments eager to deal with guinea are intoxicated by their false information debited at the length of the day, to the only end to discourage these countries in their commendable intentions to the guinean people.

They are without homeland, these racists peulhs crazed, because they say they don't be black.

They are still and always looking for their homeland. They can't have a homeland, because they don't have a line of driving demanding the fulfillment of sacred duties. Alienated that they are, they only think about money, and for them. That is why, we must agree not to give mercy to the traitors. No more mercy for racists, no more pity for saboteurs!

Comment #4:

• another trait of sékou: refusing any time to take responsibility for his political inability and economic bankruptcy. It was always the fault of others! White people, officials, merchants, Diaspora and fulani in particular!

• No guinean has pleasure to defame his country.

• No one chooses with joy to be a stateless person.

• The Guinean of the Diaspora (qualified as "Anti-Guinean") had fled the hell of the CEO.

• They are recruiting in all ethnic groups and among all social layers!

• They are not saboteurs.

• The real saboteurs are those who after, decades of responsibility, do not increase the standard of life of the populations.

• The real schemers are those who, in front of the fiasco by them created, decided to bring the hat to innocent people through conspiracies invented of all pieces.

Extract #5: [the Fulani] did not want independence - they humiliated our people with a massive vote of " yes - this is the declaration of war

They didn't want independence, these peulhs and they humiliated our people with a massive vote of "yes". instead of being ashamed of it, they still want to destroy our independence. It will never be done again, and if the whole guinea is still standing, knives, hammers and rifles in hand to remove them, bring them to the tomb and bury them, guinea will take its responsibility! This is the declaration of war! They want a racial war? Well, we are ready; as for us, we agree, and we will immediately remove them, not by a racial war, but by a radical revolutionary war.

So we say that these racists have presented the traits of " Cheytane " with betrayal, lie, division and since the fight is committed against " cheytane ", that we want at all costs bury, we will bury what remains of Racists at the foutah. We are determined to release the foutah. We repeat that if the foutah was not released on September 28, 1958, now it will be released by the revolution.

Anyone who now violate the instructions of social honesty, social justice by surrendering to racist demonstrations, you have the power, comrades activists, to slit it on site and we take responsibility in front of the people of guinea.

Comment #5:

Shameless lie of sékou touré on the massive vote of the fulani for the yes:

• Historical documents as well as previous shows show that the main fulani leaders (Diawadou and Barry III) had opted for independence well before sékou touré.

• Fulani executives and students voted their parent massively for the no

• Mathematically it's fake.

• the foutah is 45 % of the population. If they had voted at 90 % for the yes, the no couldn't have taken it with the fancy score of 91 %.

• Even if the other regions had voted 100 % (which is impossible) for the no the score would be located at about 58 %.

Call for genocide worthy of "Radio thousand hills".

• This is a cowardly call to civil war

• Sékou wanted to hide the fiasco of the economic misery of the 75 s in particular.

• But the guinean populations know better.

• Vilified, abêties, hungry and scared, our citizens know, even implicitly, the origin of their evil. It is not and will never be the other ethnic group, nor the ethnicity ethnic ethnic group

• Only a sick and to leader can make an ethnic group the derivative for its shortcomings.

Extract #6: the sexual and mystical connotations of the anti-people campaign

Another fact that you had to observe and who is in the honor of the woman peuhle is that she will gladly marry the sousou, the malinké, the forest, but rarely the man peulh will marry a sousou, a malinké, a forest ! Is it true or false?

(unanimous response of assistance: it's true! )))

Is this attitude a racism yes or no?

- (unanimous answer: yes it's racism! )))

- so, comrades, trust the revolution that will crush all racists!

" anyone who will do racism on the blessed soil of guinea will have himself signed his final act."

" also, we add that next Friday, in the mosques of every f.t.l. the " Fatiha " will be recited collectively to curse the racists and lead them to the resounding failure, to curse those who support them in côte d ' Ivoire, Senegal and in the World, so that they are always ashamed and that the guinean revolution, within the progressive community only knows triumph and victory.

Comment #6:

• Here Sékou Touré uses the ethnic group to target the institution of marriage.

• He infiltrates his bad policy in the intimacy of couples and injects his ideology into family relations in order to sow doubts and resentment.

• the perverse effect is to blur the feelings of love by giving them a connotation and ethnic overtones.

• It makes the individual attractions suspicious and it corrupts the sentimental transactions between citizens of the same country. This is a devastating campaign.

• the dictatorship seeks to neutralize potential or real opponents.

• But the totalitarianism and fascism of the CEO, attack the basic psychology of citizens to create paralysis with the ferments of fear, guilt and mistrust.

• The use of curses by a regime of ungodly (who was called Communist and Marxist) to curse enemies shows the wickedness of the CEO and his leader

Extract #7: the "gift of the American people to the populations of the foutah"

However, around 1959, a year later, America manifests itself. Hold on, because we voluntarily have this case, but it's time to make it public. America has therefore manifested itself, and sent as help to the republic of guinea, 5000 tons of rice, in bags with registration: "Don from the American people to the populations of the foutah". we needed the rice, But in your name we were forced to tell Americans: this rice is sand condemned by Guinea, send it home and know that there is the guinean people, but that there are no people foula Here!

But, analysis done, we understood that the Americans had been misled by Telli Diallo! It was indeed telli who was the ambassador of guinea in the United States. So, in front of the noble and energetic reaction of the guinean government, the Americans themselves ended up correcting the error, and all the further aid granted to guinea is now placed in the framework of the dignity defined by guinea. There too, see and judge the role of betrayal, the role of racism played outside by some children of the country.

Comment #7:

• This error was corrected by telli himself and not by sékou touré.

• Guinea has just been independent. Telli was lobbying for this donation by arguing that guinea might fall under the Soviet influence, and using France's reluctance to sponsor the acceptance of guinea to the un.

• The New American Ambassador in guinea has just been appointed and had not taken function. The Americans had no idea of the geopolitics of African countries of the time.

• As it was telli who made efforts for the obtaining of help, a civil servant would be interested in his origin.

• When we tell him foutah, he made the label on the rice bags. This is to prevent rice from being resold.

• when telli discovered the registration on the bags, he avisa sékou touré. Contrary to the allegations of the latter, he allowed the reception of rice. But he made him sell on the market at 35 pm, the kg, in violation of the conditions of granting.

• He will keep the fact to incriminate telli 17 years later.

Extract #8: Conspiracy sequence

On the inside, things need to be clear. The year behind, it was the war of classes to bury "Cheytane 75". this year, it is the war to classify to bury the racism peulh permanently. Hold it right: racism peulh, we must give him a first class burial, a final burial. Ready for the revolution!

Comment #8:

• The CEO's regime is a suite of crises created by the government that rule them through fictional conspiracies.

• Sékou Touré gives here the timeline of facts and their logical routine.

• The Anti-people campaign came after the economic disaster of 1975 to hide the failure of the agricultural collectivisation

• in the face of the famine that resulted, the solution was the enormity of the ethnic war and the sacrifice by starvation of the first secretary-General of the oau.

Historic impact

We will be back in the next programs on the profound impacts of these speeches on the history of the country and the behavior of fulani frames in particular.

Good morning "

By  Baba Alfa Umar

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