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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, may Allah bless the one after who there will be no prophet, and upon his family and his genuine Companions and give them peace. To continue this is the book called:

by Shaykh Adbullahi Dan Fodio

The Book of Lineage

By Abdullahi Dan Fodio, may Allah be merciful to him

I say and success is with Allah, realize that our ethnic group which are called Turudbe’, who came originally from Futa Turo. From what we have heard is that they are the cousins of all of the Fullaatiyeen. 

The language of Fulbe’ is their language. Uqba ibn `Aamir, the mujaahid, who conquered the lands west in the time that `Amr ibn al-`Aas ruled Egypt. When he encountered our Fulani ancestors they were apart of the nations of ar-Ruum in North Africa. 

Their king accepted Islam without putting up a fight and then married his daughter, whose name was Bajju Maggu, to Uqba. Thus, all of the Fulani were born from this union. This is what was transmitted to us in an unbroken manner, which we received from the reliable scholars who came from the lands of Futa. 

They have been speaking the language of their mother from that time and did not learn the language of their father. The Turudbe’ have no other original language other that this. Allah knows best. 

You also know that this ar-Ruum is the son of `Ies ibn Is’haq ibn Ibrahim, upon them be peace. His mother was Nasmat the daughter of Isma’il ibn Ibrahim, upon him be peace. Dhu’n-Nasibeen said in his Kitab’t-Tanweer: 

“Isma`il fathered twelve boys and one girl and it was from his descendants that all the Arabs descended. When he approached death he bequeathed to his brother, Is’haq, that his son, Eissa should be married to his daughter, and from their marriage ar-Ruum was born. Ar-Ruum was amber/yellowish in color for which reason his children was called the Banu al-Asfar.

As for our grandfathers, they are the ones who came from the lands of Futa Turo from what we have heard and Allah knows best. This is because our father, Muhammad was the son of Uthman ibn Harun ibn Muhammad Ghurtu, (the brother of `Aal), from what we have heard. Their father was Muhammad Jubba ibn Sanbu ibn Buuba Baba ibn Maasiran ibn Ayyub ibn Musa Jokolli. 

This Musa Jokolli is the one who came from the lands of Futa Turo and from that time they have continued to migrate to these lands of ours. Our mother’s name was Hawwa, the daughter of Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn Hamma ibn `Aal, from what we have heard and Allah knows best. The mother of our father, she was Maryum the daughter of Jibril ibn Hamma ibn `Aal. 

Based upon this lineage, I composed the following poem regarding that:

I had repented after reaching an advanced age from poetry

 And I attached myself to the Qur’an for it is now my poetry

However poetry comes out of me like a froth each time

 The heart overflows and it occasionally emanates from me.

O critic abstain from blaming me for I am eager to

 Clarify my lineage and to preserve my honorable rank.

For we have the relationship of Uqba that connects us to Isma`il

 And we have an ongoing ethnic root that connects us to Isra’il.

Our paternal uncle is Arab just as our maternal uncle

 Are the children of Isra’il which is an ongoing root.

Thus our root is from Mount Sinai and our Jihaad

 Reached the lands of Futa by us the land was revolutionized

Then the subsequent events caused our Jihaad

 To reach the lands of Hausa my place of birth and habitation

Until we returned to our inheritance the Jihaad

 With our shaykh Uthman my close blood brother.

For he prepared the way for the upright religion and our

 Legal judgments have proceeded and will remain until the Forgiving One.

For the fire of injustice and oppression diffused and despoiled

 The majority of the villages with the government of the disbelievers.

And he named us the party of Allah and we were victorious

 All with the help of those who emigrated and the helpers.

So do not think that Allah will allow His religion to fail

 Nor will its men be disappointed O party of corrupt rulers.

May Allah send blessings upon the prophet and his Companions

 And the following generation and the remainder of the righteous.

Mentioning the Brothers and Sisters of the Shehu

The first of them was Ali and after him was Uthman may Allah engulf him in His mercy- Amen. Then there was Abu Bakr and Abdullahi, nicknamed Muhammad Abdullahi. There was Waadde’ and the professor, Abdullahi, the author. There was Muhammad Aal, Alfa Umar and Muhammad Yero. The sisters were Munim, Yaghugu, Sawda and Findu.

Mentioning the Wives of the Shehu

They were Maymuna, Ghabindu, Hawwa, Huje, Hajju, A`isha, Jinne’, Jumbajju, Tabaraaye’, Hafsa, Asma’u, Furaa, and Marya, the servant girl.

Mentioning His Sons and Daughters

We will detail them house by house. As for the house of Maymuna, the first of them was Ali. Then there were Muhammad as-Sana, Muhamad Haaju, Umar and twins who did not reach the age to be named. Then there was A`isha, Hafsa, Muhammad Haaju, al-Hassan, and Nana Asma’u.

As for the house of Ghabindu the first of them was Muhammad Sa`d, who was the oldest of all the children of the Shehu. Then there was Muhammad Sanbu, Khadija, Muhammad al-Bukhari, Muhammad al-Farabri, A’isha, Juwayra, and there were three who did not reach the age to be named.

As for the house of Hawwa the first of them was Muhammad Bello. Then there was Abu Bakr, Fatima, Sawda, and Hanna.

As for the house of Huje she had one child A’isha.

As for the house of Hajju they were Abd’l-Qaadir and Fatima.

As for the house of Shuturu the first of them was Abu’l-Hassan, Ahmad ar-Rufa`i, and Ahmad al-Badawi.

As for the house of his servant girl, Marya, they were Ibrahim ad-Dassuqi, Amina, Haajiru, Maryum, and another Ibrahim. 

Then there was Khadija, and then Isa, who was the last of the children of the Shehu, may Allah be merciful to him and include us from his baraka.

Mentioning the Servants of the Shehu

The first of them was his nephew, Kaawa Mangha. Then there was Sulle’, Duudi, Sanbu, Dutte’, Ibrahim the flag bearer, and his secretary al-Mustafa.

Mentioning the Judges Under the Shehu

There were Shu`ayb, Laadan Raame’, and Bi `Aal.

Mentioning the Imams of the Mosques

There were Muhammad Sanbu, Muhammad Zanghi, and Abu Bakr nicknamed Malam.

On Mentioning His Spiritual Disciples (murids)

They were those whom the Shehu instructed in the path of tasawwuf and took by their hands to realize their spiritual goals. They thus experienced from his baraka that was unlimited. 

They were: 

[1] his brother, Abdullahi Dan Fodio professor; 

[2] his son, Muhammad Sa`d; 

[3] his son, Muhammad Bello; 

[4] his son, Muhammad Sanbo; 

[5] his close companion Umar al-Kammi; 

[6] the majdhuub shaykh Muhammad Kiraagh; 

[7] the pious and ascetic scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Zanghu; 

[8] Isma`il; the learned Shaykh Habiballah as-Sudani; 

[9] the learned scholar the pious ascetic slave, Ishaq ibn Umar; 

[10] Fudayri; 

[11] the martyr Shaykh Umar Ghanburi Nakeeju; 

[12] Muhammadu Yero 

[13] the erudite scholar Kabeeju; 

[14] Shaykh an-Nuur; 

[15] the learned scholar, Abaan; 

[16] Modibo Suufi; 

[17] the learned scholar Umar Gorba; 

[18] Dhinbu Hamal; 

[19] the martyr Ghaabdu; 

[20] Malam al-Badawi Wuudi ibn Mahmud; 

[21] Sa`daan; 

[22] Nadumaam; 

[23]   Modibo Jelli al-Mukaashif; 

[24] the ascetic scholar and pious slave, his nephew, the erudite Ibrahim Khalil ibn Abdullahi Dan Fodio; and 

[25] Siddiq Ghuneeje. 

We have concluded this text with mentioning them and with what we have mentioned is sufficient for the one who has insight. May Allah guide us to what is correct. May Allah gather them in Daar’s-Salaam. All praises are due to Allah the Lord of the worlds. It has been completed with praises of Allah and the best of His help. Peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace.


The Lost & Found Children of Abraham in Africa & the American Diaspora: by Shaykh Muhammad Shareef bin Farid 

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