Mali: Circle of Bandiagara: Teachers with surname Pooh withdraw to the South

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A school principal who we contacted on the phone explains the reasons for this withdrawal: "They are the ones who make the request to the CAP because of their ethnicity. The CAP, at its level, since it can not take responsibility, responds favorably to the grievance of the teacher. Others take advantage of the remoteness of their posts to consider themselves threatened. The real problem is that it is often a settlement of accounts or simply selfishness that is at the root. For example, if a Fulani teacher is in a locality, to have his place, he is replaced by someone else. So, just look for people who concoct bullying and you're done. "

Following the security crisis in the north and the center of our country, some populations of the regions of Mopti and Ségou, particularly the Fulani community, are increasingly in the eye of the cyclone. The regions of Mopti and Ségou have become high-risk areas for those wishing to go to school. UNICEF announced at the start of the 2018-2019 school year that at least 750 schools are closed in the north and center of the country and about 2 million children are deprived of their Basic Right to Education. The National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) recently expressed its deep concern about the serious consequences of the closure of many schools in these regions of the interior of the country. A real war has taken place in the Mopti Region where the population is being held hostage, a chaos created by the jihadists and self-defense groups, mainly the traditional Dozo hunters. Unfortunately, the attacks of jihadists and Dozo, according to observers, more victims on the side of innocent Fulani than in Dogons. However, there are no statistics on the exact number. Yet this current situation in the center of the country was predictable.
Mahamadou YATTARA

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