Electricity hike: Why Nigerians are not convinced – Sanusi

Electricity hike: Why Nigerians are not convinced – Sanusi

A former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi , on Tuesday , gave reasons why many Nigerians are not convinced with the recent hike in electricity tariff by the Federal Government .
He gave the reasons while delivering a keynote address at the 5 th Kaduna Investments Summit.

According to him , many Nigerians are not convinced by the government ’ s s explanation over the electricity tariff hike because the government is “ thinking of it from a consumption perspective” .

The DisCos had on September 1 announced the implementation of a new Service Reflective Tariff Plan across their franchise areas .

He explained that many Nigerians, including traders , would be willing to pay double if electricity is regular and boosts their sales .
Sanusi said , “ On tariff use and compensation , the government is not having that conversation in a manner that convinces people .

“ People need to understand, you complain about tariffs because you are thinking of it from a consumption perspective. Look at electricity as a critical import into production , productivity, earnings , as an economic resource

“ Look at how much money you can make . There is a difference between not earning a thing and not earning something, between extreme poverty and rising above the poverty line .

“ People will pay anything for electricity if they knew how to earn from it . When people cry, it is because they are paying for power and earning nothing from it . If you go to a village and sell for N 100 per kilowatt and the trader is making four times more with it , he will pay twice. ”

The former emir also urged the federal and state governments to ensure a link between infrastructural and economic development .
He added , “ You have to make sure your projects are linked, you don’ t just build a road here , a rail line there , an airport there without knowing how they are going to translate into economic gains .

“ When we build airports , it should not be because people want to fly from Abuja to Kano for a wedding . ”