Comrade Umar Ibrahim Maudo FNY NIA NMGS who is a Founder of UM-Foundation and a front line Vocal Youth Activist in Toro LGA has advocated the need for the young generation to be given a councillorship slots in their respective locality in Bauchi state LGAs Forth Coming Election.

The Vocal Youth Activist and Youth Ambassador, Mr Comrade Umar Maudo made the called in a statement made available to Journalist on Tuesday at Tilde Ward of Toro LGA Bauchi state.

He said ” As a true patriotic youth of this great Toro of Bauchi state, Nigerian and the Entire Young Youth advocates the need to give the youths the chance of office of councillor in our 20 LGAs” .
Comrade Umar Maudo further said a survey has indicayed that ” young councillors in Bauchi state, the paper studies the relation between the councillors’ sense of political efficacy, their role perception and their motivation to continue with politics and will take off from where the elders stops.

The results indicate that those feeling they are expected to represent youth or who are nominated because of their age feel less influential than others. Influence in own party group and being acknowledged by established politicians seem to be important for the motivation to continue with politics”.
Speaking on the role of a youth councillor said his/her voices will be integrated into local public policy decisions to make sure in Bauchi state young youths are carried along in all Councillorship seat.

He enjoyed youths to be in forefront towards good representation of their opinion and rise up to play vital in governing processes.
” We seek to reboot citizenship in Bauchi state by encouraging youth to lead the change against political apathy by playing a constructive role in the decision-making processes of the governments and institutions that influence our communities”.
He expressed optimism that young councillors will perform creditably when given the opportunity.
” The Councillor with the age below 36 years believes that the optimism, idealism and passion of youth can be leveraged to change the way that Bauchi addresses the challenges facing the future of our dearest state.

Comrade Umar Maudo FNY NIA NMGs urges His Excellency Senator Bala Muhammed Abdulkadir (Kauran Bauchi) The Executive Governor of Bauchi state and All the Political Parties that will participate in the forth coming 17th October, 2020 Local Government Election to give emphasis and chances to Young Youths in other to produce Good Governance in Bauchi state.

We believe that our governments and institutions can be a force for good in our communities if we live up to our responsibilities as citizens. Youth as permanent Concillorship demonstrate that there is hope for our political future and that youth voices are worth listening to as we consider public policy decisions that impact Bauchites and Nigerian’s future”.
The statement further reads ” The role of youth with age below 36 years as a Councillor is part internship and part public representative as our President signed a law #NotTooYoungToRun.

Councillors are provided with on the job training that builds on their existing skills to enable them to become model public representatives. Youth as Councillors will represent Bauchi state and Nigerian citizens aged 18-36 and amplify their voices to local politicians and civic leaders in their respective Communities.

Councillors work to integrate youth perspectives into important decisions about local issues by committing to community engagement, research, policy development and advocacy”. Youth as Councillor will perform several duties Mr Maudo also highlighted the duties of youth as Councillor and expressed the hope.

He enumerated the duties to include ” Attend weekly working meetings with other Councillors. Attend at least 1 community event per month. Connect with at least 1 person in your ward each month about a council topic that interests you. Host at least 1 focus group of 5-7 people on a topic of interest each season (education, peace and coexistence, empowerment, Challenges facing the youth, Community development).Read briefs to be discussed at each meeting. Invite young person each to 4 council meetings.

Host conversation amongst your peers at the council forum about an issue on your platform.
Attend a meeting with a community leader, conferences, policy conventions, community events and meetings religious and community leaders, members of house of Assembly, Reps, and senators, staff, among others” he said ” We are focused driven Young youths. We are patriots and law abiding citizens.

Our voice must be heard through constructive approaches and dialogues. In a nutshell, youth leadership is important for the future of the community and the country. Without youth leadership, there will never be the next leaders in line and there will be no one to pass on the torch of the community.SO start them young by letting make decision like what to eat, what to wear, what they want to do, but also guide them.

Then show them how delay gratification will get them more, this is crucial as research as shown that people who can exercise delayed gratification, tend to make better decisions and are more successful later in life.This is apparent when they hit their teenage years, especially in choosing a group of friends, or being patient with their team maters in a youth project.But finally, all these comes up to when they stand up and lead the community towards a greater nation”.

Yours in Nation Building;
Comr Arch Umar Ibrahim Maudo FNY NIA NMGs,
Vocal Youth Activist/Ambassador,
Founder/CEO UM-Foundation,
Tuesday 21st July, 2020.

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